Catholic Mass Cards

What are Catholic Mass Cards?

Mass Cards are a spiritual gift. You are linked spiritually to the masses and prayers of more than 6,000 Divine Word priests, brothers and seminarians around the world, ensuring that your special intentions will be remembered. Seven masses in seven different countries are expressly celebrated each day for Mission Mass League members. Every person enrolled in Mission Mass League will receive a personalized gold stamped Mass Card.
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Mass Cards

This deeply spiritual gift is highly appreciated for birthdays, weddings, funerals, anniversaries and other occasions. It is also very appropriate for an expression of condolences. The best way to remember your loved ones is through a gift of Mission Mass League from the Society of the Divine Word.

You can request our Mass Cards for yourself or your dear ones (living or dead). You can request perpetual enrollment for an individual or an entire family.

Types of Catholic Mass Cards:
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